Are you searching for how to finance a new AC unit? Well, you are at the right place for useful information.

There are different options for financing a new AC, but many homeowners find personal loans the easiest. And, yes, you can finance your new Ac with ease if you have the money.

Why is a new AC important?

A home is a place to dwell in comfort, and many states around the country are blazing hot in the summer. A functional AC is necessary for air quality and comfort. Also, it helps cut down on energy costs, improves your well-being, and reduces your carbon footprint to engender a greener environment. 

There is a challenge, though.

Many homeowners love new ACs. The issue is financing. A new AC costs from $7,000 to $15,000. With the rising cost of living, coughing out that much cash can be a challenge.

However, there are options homeowners can explore. The best option is to seek financing from friendly sources.

What are the options for financing my new AC?

You have several ways to finance a new air conditioner. Some of the options include home equity, credit, or a personal loan. 

However, many homeowners face the challenge of low credit scores and high interest rates. Credit companies and banks won’t deal with anyone with low credit scores, and the process of building your score means more discomfort from the hot weather.

It isn’t easy to qualify for new AC financing with a mortgage, credit card, and personal loan repayment burdens.

Notwithstanding your current financial commitment, there are options to finance a new AC with PROPERTY ASSISTED CLEAN ENERGY programs.

Working with a professional, public-spirited HVAC company helps you achieve an AC that runs efficiently. For this reason, Anthem Heating & Air provides its customers with access to friendly home improvement finance options.

The below options for financing are not the traditional ones whose main focus is profiteering. They are designed for home improvement purposes.

  1. YGRENE Program
  • Low-cost funding over long terms
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy 
  • Water conservation upgrades

     2. HERO Program

  • Low-cost, long term funding
  • Upgrades funds for energy and water efficiency
  • Central air-conditioning projects
  • Home improvement – landscaping, roofs, doors, and windows

      3. SYNCHRONY Private Finance

  • Unsecured, revolving credit lines
  • Simple application and fast credit decision process 
  • Financing for individual circumstances
  • No interest option
  • 115-month payment option
  • Flexible payment and repayment plan


  • Rebates from various sources, including federal tax credits
  • Upgrading to energy-efficient systems
  • Compensations for home improvement


  • You can sort your new AC financing under this program. The package takes the best of each financing option above to give you appropriate and pocket-friendly financing. Call (760) 895-2621 now for details.

Need a reputable HVAC company near you?

One of the ways to begin financing a new AC journey is to find a reliable AC company near you. Finding the right HVAC services will get you quickly to your destination.

Another reason to find a professional AC company is to use their expertise for the best financing. With their guidance, you can cut to the chase and get a comfortable offer.

You can work with Anthem Heating & Air if you live anywhere around Coachella Valley.Call (760) 895-2621 now to discuss your new AC financing.

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