The summer months can be unforgiving and brutally hot, especially if you live in the Coachella Valley area! You don’t want to ask why your AC is blowing warm air at such a time. One way to ensure needed relief from hot weather is to make your AC run more efficiently.

Running a less efficient AC in summer often ends in high energy costs and discomfort. You don’t want to lose money or put your health at risk of heatstroke! Ordinarily, your HVAC will gulp energy costs in summer under even efficient operation, but the cost could triple if the performance is below optimum.

Whether you are running a brand new AC or its older brother, it is important to keep it efficient. If you are worried about making your AC more efficient, keep reading for a professional guide to achieving optimum efficiency.

Signs Your AC is Running Below the Efficiency Threshold

Here are a few ways to detect your AC performance and know if it’s efficient or not. If you observe these signs, dig further for clarity and action.

  • Increased energy cost

One way to take a look at your AC performance is if your energy spending is increasing. Usually, one expects the cost to rise during the hotter months. If it’s more than the usual, check your AC.

  • Frequent cycling

Your AC thermostat helps to regulate its performance. However, if the cycle is too often, try checking if it needs replacing. Another reason for frequent cycling is the compressor, have your AC technician check if all is well.

  • Ice on compressor

Ice on the compressor or any part of your AC system is an indication that something is not right. Continued build-up of ice could lead to inefficiency. You should call in your AC technician for a check and recommendation.

  • Unfamiliar sounds

You should be familiar with the sounds your AC usually makes. If you start hearing strange and unusual sounds, it’s an indication your AC needs checking.

Tips to Make Your AC More Efficient

It is essential to observe closely all the factors listed above. Also, it would be best if you did more to achieve the run-time efficiency of your cooling system.

Below are five things to do if you want your AC to run more efficiently.

  • Close doors and windows

AC is supposed to run in a closed environment. A situation where you allow the outside, warm air to filter into the enclosure would affect efficient cooling. When your AC is running, make sure to close all the doors and windows for cooling efficiency.

  • Seal any leak in the attic, doors, and windows

This applies to any area through which warm air can filter into the enclosed environment. You want to double-check your attic for leaks or tiny openings and plug them. Do the same for doors and windows to close any gaps allowing in warmer air.

  • Shade the condenser

While your AC condenser needs maximum airflow, ensure it’s kept under shade to avoid direct sunlight. Keep the surroundings clean and uncluttered with a roof over its head.

  • Observe regular filter changes

The filter contributes largely to how efficient your AC will be. You can read the article “How Often Should I Replace My Filters” for a better understanding. The AC needs a clean, dirt-free filter to deliver the best performance.

  • Put in place a preventive maintenance schedule

We can’t emphasize scheduled maintenance enough! Your AC is composed of various active and not-so-active parts. You need to check the system regularly to detect trouble early and fix it. Remember, AC doesn’t just stop working or misbehave. It’s gradual steps, and you can detect them with preventive maintenance.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace My AC?

Before asking how much it costs to replace the AC, it’s best to keep it working more efficiently. With regular maintenance and keen observation of how your AC performs, you can keep it running for many years.

Start Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Today

Preventive maintenance will save you time and money with your AC. It will ensure you never suffer discomfort from heat, and it will keep your family and staff safe from heatstroke.

Suppose you need a reputable air conditioning repair company near you in the Coachella Valley area. You can trust Anthem for all your cooling and heating system maintenance.

Call (760) 895-2621 to put in place a preventive maintenance culture for your HVAC to run at maximum efficiency.

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