Are you ready to increase your heater efficiency

Summary: While striving to stay healthy, it is often a nightmare to have a malfunctioning heater in winter. Irrespective of your furnace type, this article discusses simple ways to keep your heating system efficient and shares tips for lasting improvement.

Even if you live in the Coachella Valley area, you still need to get ready for the freezing winter days. Thus, you need a comforting, warm atmosphere in your home. The solution is often a central gas furnace designed to generate and blow heated air into your living space.

Since replacing an old HVAC can be pricey, the best option is to make the existing gas furnace efficient.

We discuss four simple ways to improve the efficiency of your gas furnace and share tips on switching to a more efficient heating system.


Hire a Competent HVAC technician

HVAC installation is a costly home improvement expense, and you need a competent technician to handle it for efficiency. One important job of a furnace technician is conducting regular preventive maintenance on your heating system.

With a professional heating system inspection once a year, usually before the heating season, you can keep your family safe.

Ensure the Installation Structure is Perfect

In the hand of a competent HVAC technician, your system will be checked for structural efficiency, and the following tasks will be performed:

  • Seal the seams

Research shows that 20% of heated air is lost due to avoidable leaks. Upon the annual furnace inspection, any seam leaks need sealing to prevent warm air loss.

  • Ensure proper insulation

Due to old age, the ductwork seal and insulation will leave some gaps for heated air to escape. Your technician will find the affected insulation error and fix it to conserve heat.

  • Update the thermostat

There is no guaranteeing efficiency of an old thermostat. Where the device is faulty or inefficient, it could lead to inefficiency in the heat distribution. An experienced HVAC technician can detect a faulty or malfunctioning thermostat and fix it.

Regular maintenance

For continued efficiency, you should maintain your furnace regularly. For maintenance, you need to do the following:

  • Change the air filter

A dirty or worn filter in a furnace can heavily reduce efficiency. Follow your HVAC technician or the equipment manufacturer’s recommendation on cleaning or changing the filter. The rule of the thumb is to observe the three months cleaning or replacing of filters.

  • Clean the vents

The vents are outlets where the heated air enters your living space. It is recommended to clean these vents and remove any obstructions for efficiency.

  • Clean the furnace

It is important to clean your furnace system at least once yearly. This process eliminates any debris or dirt that has accumulated in the system over time.

Upgrade to electric heat pumps

  • Why upgrade?

Generally, you shouldn’t expect 100% efficiency from an old system. The best you can get after you have diligently followed all of the above-suggested activities is 98.5% efficiency. However, you can dramatically make your system new by upgrading to more efficient equipment like the electric heat pumps.

  • Why switch to electric heat pumps?

Electric heat pumps are efficient modern home heating technology. While the gas system is known and widely used, electric heat pumps are the best alternative with many benefits, including less electricity consumption and savings on running costs!

Due to its eco-friendly nature, it is highly recommended for good health and a happy home. The best part is the incentives! In California, there is a $3,000 rebate program to encourage homeowners willing to switch.


Are you ready to increase your heater efficiency?

If you live in the Coachella Valley area and are ready to improve the efficiency of your heating system, ANTHEM can help. Also, you can talk to them about switching to electric heat pumps to benefit from the ongoing rebate!

Anthem is a locally owned and operated HVAC company with over two decades of quality industry experience. Call now (760) 895-2621 to discuss the efficiency of your heater.

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