How Much Does It Cost to Replace Ductwork?



Sadly, there is no straight answer to this question without looking at the various factors surrounding the specific duct. However, a replacement cost is often around $35-$55 per linear foot or $175 – $400 per duct. Ideally, it will cost around $1,000 to $5,000 for a single-family home.

Why is Ductwork so Important?

Good ventilation, optimum air distribution, and ideal temperature are vital to every home and office. These qualities require an optimally working duct to achieve.

Without functional ductwork, there is no guaranteeing your HVAC will deliver excellent indoor air quality. Also, a damaged duct coupled with poor airflow could cause moisture in the attic, resulting in health issues.

In a nutshell, if you desire quality airflow from your heating and cooling system, your ductwork should be in good shape.

When Should Ductwork be Replaced?

Nothing lasts forever, including your ductwork. With a faulty duct, the HVAC performance will always be below expectations.

Experts recommend replacing your ductwork between ten and 15 years. Various factors, such as pests or mold, could cause your ductwork to depreciate faster. Additionally, poor duct materials or handling could lead to early degeneration of your ductwork.

Ideally, your ductwork is due for a replacement if you notice any of the following:

  • Noisy HVAC operation
  • Increase in heating or cooling bills
  • Uneven airflow in the conditioned environment
  • Moisture in attic
  • Leaking duct
  • Moisture spots on the ceiling
  • Having a dusty environment
  • The stench of mildew or mold inside your home
  • Experiencing pests inside your home
  • Members of your family experiencing respiratory problems
  • Need for a bigger or smaller ductwork
  • Your ductwork is over 15 years old 

What Influences Ductwork Replacement Costs?

Ductwork replacement cost depends on length, type, labor, location, and materials.

  • Size: House sizes vary from project to project. Large homes need longer ductwork than small ones.
  • Type of ductwork: There are different types of ductwork and costs. You can choose between flexible or metal ducts. Also, the different areas of the project site may require the application of different ducting materials. Therefore, the type of duct chosen is a strong cost determinant.
  • Location: The site of the project influences the cost to a large extent. Where the passage of the ductwork is hard to reach, the cost will be different from an easy to access area.
  • Use of return ducts: Where your project requires a return duct to optimize airflow and circulation, the number of ducts for the project increases along with the cost.
  • Mold remediation: Where your technician discovers mold within your wall space, the required treatment adds to the cost.
  • Ducting complexity: Having to go around obstacles in the way of ducting will push up the cost.
  • Season: A project at a busy time of the year influences the cost of replacement.
  • Where you live: Cost of living impacts the cost of ductwork. Those in rural areas generally pay lower costs compared to the households in urban and metro areas.


Average Ductwork Replacement Costs

On average, a typical ductwork replacement costs anywhere from $175 to $400 per duct. The cost covers old duct removal, supply register, installation of new or old ducting material, and disposal of used materials.

For the experienced DIY homeowner, the typical average cost per linear foot of ductwork is around $35-$55. However, due to the technicality of ductwork, it’s recommended to call an HVAC professional for an actual estimate.

Why You Need Experienced HVAC technicians for Your Ductwork

Considering the investment of ductwork and the benefits of quality installation, having a professional on the job is cost-effective. Proper ducting helps with energy efficiency and quality airflow. Also, you will give your ductwork up to 15 years of longevity.

Spending a little extra for quality service delivery prevents costly maintenance and low HVAC efficiency.

Since poor airflow can be annoying and energy-sapping, you pay for peace of mind by engaging a competent HVAC professional.

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