What Is a Ductless Air Conditioner?

What Is a Ductless Air Conditioner?


A ductless air conditioner might be the variety you need if you are tired of high energy bills. These mini-split ACs and heaters are efficient cooling systems and money savers.

This post teaches you how a ductless AC works and its benefits. After reading, you can make an informed decision between a ductless or a central AC.

How does a ductless AC work?

The ductless AC system is also known as a mini-split AC and heater. It’s designed to cool or heat your living space. Unlike conventional central air conditioners, it cools and heats without ducts. Call them minimalist air conditioners.

What are the advantages of a ductless unit?

What are the advantages of a ductless unit?

One of the reasons for choosing a product or system is the benefits we get from it. The following are a few benefits a ductless AC brings to your home.

  • High efficiency

High energy costs and inefficient cooling are leading concerns regarding cooling and heating homes. Ductless units have a high SEER rating and high energy efficiency. Its zoning and energy-saving benefits stand apart from the traditional HVAC system.

  • Smart cooling and heating

The unit works with a smart AC controller as plug-and-play convenience. The advantage of intelligent ACs is the ability to control your air conditioner from your smartphone. You can control it anywhere, including away from home, through Google Home, Alexa, or Amazon connectivity.

  • Cheaper option

Though a ductless might appear more expensive than the traditional HVAC, it is cheaper overall! When you consider energy saving, high efficient performance, lower energy bills, and convenience, it’s far cheaper to own.

  • Straightforward installation

Unlike the traditional HVAC with ducts running through the entire house, the ductless unit is hassle-free when installed. The efforts and costs required to install a central AC are not required when installing a ductless unit. It is safe to say ductless installation costs less than half of HVAC installation!

  • Improved indoor air quality

When asked about indoor air quality between central and ductless units, many homeowners claim they breathe better with a ductless unit. The air quality is excellent, and many report clean and allergens-free indoor air.

Which is better – ductless or central AC?

The choice of your AC depends on the need and where it is needed. While central AC delivers a better range of cooling suitable for large homes, ductless is ideal for small living spaces. However, below are things to consider when deciding which of the systems is best for you.

  • Energy efficiency

A ductless unit is best if you need to cool a small space with energy efficiency. It delivers zoned cooling and improved airflow. However, mini-split AC and heaters are pricey when newly installed. While both systems allow zoning, the central air conditioner has ductwork upgrade costs.

  • Cost of purchase and installation

Between a ductless and central AC, it is crucial to consider both the cost of purchase and installation. While a central unit costs more to install, a ductless is more expensive to buy. However, overall costs when you consider running and maintenance costs, a ductless is cheaper than a central air conditioner.

  • Maintenance cost

A central AC takes the lead in terms of maintenance and running costs. Ductwork needs regular maintenance to remove dust, dirt, mold, and possibly animal droppings to improve indoor air quality. A ductless unit has no ducts to maintain.

  • Comfort

For a large home, a central AC has the upper hand in delivering a better range of cooling. At the same time, a ductless unit is better for dehumidification due to its longer cooling cycle. Also, a ductless unit is quieter than a central AC due to its compact components.

  • Home design

Your home design is also a factor to consider. While central AC installation is almost invisible, many won’t notice them. Some ductless units are wall mounted and are easily visible. Therefore, if you want your AC invisible, consider a central unit, and if you don’t mind being seen around, go for a ductless one!

Do ductless air conditioners work better?

Ductless systems cost quite a bit when installed, but they save you money over time because of their long-term energy efficiency. Because ductless systems can zone without additional costs, you have more control over how much energy is spent cooling each room.

Do you need help choosing the best ductless AC for your home?

Do you need help choosing the best ductless AC for your home?

Speaking with a professional and thoroughly assessing your space and available options is the best way to decide whether installing a ductless air conditioner is the right choice.

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