What to Look for When Buying a New Heating System

What to Look for When Buying a New Heating System

A heating system is a significant investment. Having a good heating unit means fresher air, and makes your home livable.

Whether you are buying a heater for a new home or looking for an HVAC upgrade near you, you must make the right decisions. Otherwise, you end up with an inefficient system and incur high maintenance costs.

In this post, we feature vital considerations to bear in mind when sourcing for a new heating system. Read on to find the top insights for a high-quality heating unit.

TECH Solutions Heater Rebate
TECH Solutions Heater Rebate

Consider Your Home’s Heating Needs

Home heating requirements differ based on various factors. A common factor is the climate of your home area. A space heater could be convenient if you live in regions that experience warm weather year-round. However, a central home heating system is the most effective for a person who lives in areas experiencing extremely cold temperatures in winter.

Another element to consider is physical occupant characteristics. The bigger the rooms you need to heat, the larger the heating system, and vice versa.

Considering your home and your heating needs is critical to buying a suitable heating unit.

Energy Efficiency

Most efficient home heating systems cost much less to operate than low-efficient models. The high-energy efficient model may cost more than the low-energy efficient system. But they come with significant savings in the long run.

In addition, homeowners with gas heat energy-efficient HVAC systems qualify for a $3,000 rebate. The California Energy Solutions TECH Incentives program targets homeowners willing to upgrade to more energy-efficient heating systems such as heat pumps.

Consider Your Budget 

Installing the best heating systems of 2022 is the best consideration. Unfortunately, homeowners often consider the least expensive AC/Heating systems, thinking they are saving money. When such a thought comes to your mind, consider that “cheap” can often be costly.

To ensure an affordable heating unit for your home, understand how various types of heating systems work. Then, determine the correct size HVAC unit for optimal heating and cooling your home. Do not forget to compare quotes from top-rated local HVAC technicians. That way, you will eventually purchase a system that suits and matches your budget.

The Benefit of Upgrading to a Heat Pump

California is incentivizing all homeowners with gas heat to upgrade to an environmentally friendly electric option, such as heat pumps. Ask Anthem Heating and Air how YOU can receive the $3,000 rebate for switching to a heat pump!

Heat pumps are also very efficient and can warm up a home quickly, with a touch of a button on a remote, from the comfort of your chair. In comparison to other forms of home heating, heat pumps offer between 300% and 400% efficiency.

Inquire About Maintenance Requirements and Cost

HVAC systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. The maintenance cost will depend on the availability of spare parts locally and trained experts.

If an expert has to come from overseas to replace certain parts, the cost of maintenance is high. Likewise, the cost of maintenance may double if you have to import a replacement part.

It helps to purchase a low-maintenance and cost-effective HVAC system. Besides, consider HVAC installers willing to offer discounted rates for ongoing maintenance.

Indoor Air Quality Components

Humidifiers, energy recovery ventilators, ductwork UV lights, and high-efficiency air filtration solutions are the air quality components of the HVAC systems. Some HVAC models do not include these parts as add-ons to your unit.

If you are purchasing the HVAC system, ask whether the heating system comes with air quality components. Proper air quality components guarantee fresh indoor air and improve your HVAC solution’s efficiency.

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Talk To A Professional HVAC Expert Near You

HVAC experts will guide you when choosing the best HVAC systems for your home. The professional HVAC installer will inspect the property and develop the heating system recommendations. Besides, skilled HVAC technicians understand which HVAC models work efficiently and provide optimal performance. The professional workers will advise you on the best times for HVAC maintenance, so you enjoy fresh indoor air all year round.


Are you planning to purchase a new or a replacement heating system for your home?

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