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Your heater is like a friend who comforts you when the weather is screaming minus degrees. It’s the best feeling ever, right? Now imagine that same friend, but this time they’re yelling at you and making all sorts of weird noises. That can be pretty annoying, especially when you can’t figure out what’s wrong with them. This is what a noisy heater is like.

These problems are common with many home appliances, heaters included. There are many reasons why heaters make unusual noises. And, sadly, most of them are indicators of faults and maintenance problems. This article reveals the causes of these noises and what you can do to avoid them.

Why Your Heater Makes Strange Noises

Most heaters function similarly. For them to warm your home, many components must work together, including blower fans, draft inducers, air filters, and motors, most of which have moving parts. Without proper maintenance, parts are bound to fail, and noises are a major sign of failure or inefficiency. Take, for instance, when a screw or a bolt becomes loose, what happens? The shaking leads to rambling or rattling noises. This is one of the noises common with heaters.

Common Strange Heater Noises 

  • Rattling noises

Loose nuts, bolts, and screws cause the heater to shake, especially the blower fan, producing rattling noises. Particularly, the blower fan has a set screw holding the blower wheel in place. When this screw loosens from the constant spinning, it tends to rock and produce a strange rattling noise. More so, when the mounting bolts holding the blower fan in place loosen, the heater will make noises when it’s running. These noises can be fixed by simply tightening the screws and bolts. 

  • Grinding noises

This heater noise is produced when parts of the heater scrape against each other, sounding like metal screeching sounds. Although they are not as intense as the metal screech noise, they are quite loud and distinct. A good example is when a part gets stuck in a moving part. Over long periods, this abrasion wears off the involved components and can cause total failure. Call a heating expert for help in such situations.

  • Truck-idling noise

Have you ever heard the noise trucks make when the engine is on, but the truck is not in motion? That is called an idling noise. Since your heater is not a truck, you don’t want this noise coming from it. The noise indicates worn-off bearings, especially in the blower motor and draft inducer fan. This oddly satisfying noise can be eliminated by fine-tuning the affected part of the heater and helping prevent more damage.

  • Whistling noise 

Is your heater making whistling noises? That could be a dirty air filter. When air tries to force itself through a dirty air filter, it will whistle. The air filters are there to catch dust that goes through the return duct. This dirt can harm the heat exchanger if allowed to pass through. Again, you don’t want dirty air circulating inside your home’s interior. A quick solution is ensuring air filters are replaced frequently.

  • Squealing noises

Heaters with belt-drive motors have a rubber conveyor-like belt that assists the rotation of the motor. Several things can go wrong with this belt. It can snap out of alignment, wear off, or get dirty. All of these situations make the heater produce squealing noises. These noises can be eliminated by cleaning, replacing, or realigning the belt properly.


How To Stop the Heater Noises Completely

Most of these heater noises are common. However, they need to be fixed as soon as they are experienced. How else can you enjoy a peaceful, cold evening? Again, you might realize that most of the noises are preventable in the first place. Yes, it is possible with scheduled maintenance. 

Technicians offer HVAC maintenance to ensure that all your appliances operate optimally at all times. If you haven’t before, now is the best time to sign up for a maintenance schedule with a professional HVAC company. 

How Anthem Can Help

Anthem offers an HVAC maintenance package at an incredible value. Our Preferred Maintenance is a one-year commitment and includes benefits that extend the life of your equipment, keep it running efficiently, and give you peace of mind. Anthem is one of the leading air conditioning repair companies in Coachella Valley. We have the experience and expertise to help you stay warm during this cold season. We service the Coachella Valley and Riverside seven days a week, and our technicians are ready to go any time of the day.

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