HVAC Maintenance to Get Ready for Fall and Winter

HVAC Maintenance to Get Ready for Fall and Winter

HVAC Maintenance to Get Ready for Fall and Winter


A regular HVAC maintenance schedule is vital for the efficient functioning of your system all through the fall and winter. When you adequately cover the essential maintenance items, it sets you up for efficiency throughout the season. Though it may seem daunting, this article guides you on the best way to achieve your objective.

What is HVAC?

HVAC is an integrated piece of technology that regulates the air temperature in your home or workplace. The acronym stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The equipment is valuable all season round, making your living spaces relaxing.

The challenge with HVAC, however, is the need for regular maintenance of the different units that make up the whole. This article focuses on how to prepare your HVAC for fall and winter.

How Do I Prepare My HVAC for Fall?

How Do I Prepare My HVAC for Fall?

The fall months provide the best time to prepare your HVAC for winter. In previous warmer months, your HVAC is mainly for cooling. As fall is right before winter, getting ready is crucial to keep warm and safe.

In keeping your HVAC in shape for winter, the unit has two sides to get ready: outdoor and indoor units.

Prepare Your HVAC’s Outdoor Unit

The task is to inspect the outdoor unit for items obstructing your HVAC, and you can conduct this aspect yourself. Better still, invite your HVAC technician if you want a professional touch.

  • Look out for clutter. No matter where your HVAC is installed, see if any item obstructs its space. Unlike a compressor for cooling, the furnace comes with fire, and any careless items around it could go up in flames.
  • Clear debris. Like clutter, owing to the long idle time, cobwebs and dust may have accumulated to cause the system to malfunction. You must find and clear such debris before starting your system for fall.
  • Clean the exhaust. The furnace exhaust needs to be free of carbon deposits. Also, look out for vents and ensure they are also ready.

Prepare the Indoor Unit

Furnaces have fire inside. It emits carbon monoxide and uses natural gas to heat your home. These volatile elements make handling indoor unit maintenance a job for the experts! Get a professional HVAC service technician to take charge.

The expert HVAC technician will carry out the following tasks:

  • Check and replace the filters.
  • Check and change the indoor humidity filters.
  • Check the thermostat for efficiency.
  • Inspect the drain and line connections.
  • Clean floor and ceiling vents.
  • Clear any item blocking the vents.
  • Reverse fan direction to blow warm air downward.

What Does Fall HVAC Service Include?

The fall service includes a long HVAC maintenance checklist to take care of your heating system for winter. Done correctly, it improves the unit’s lifespan by about 48% and saves up to 15% in energy expenses. The service includes the following:

  1. Clear drain lines and pans. Stagnant water breeds mold and mildew. Left for a long time, this attracts vermin and puts your family at risk for health issues.
  2. Clean the register and ducts. A clean HVAC is an efficient system. Cleaning the register and ducts allows your furnace to perform at optimal efficiency.
  3. Reprogram thermostat. During summer, your thermostat setting is cooling; it needs reprogramming to heat your home.
  4. Clear any item that can catch fire. Keep away any item that can lead to a fire outbreak from the vicinity of the HVAC.
  5. Ensure proper insulation. Any heat leak from your home results in high energy bills as your system works twice as hard to comfort you.
  6. Test the unit. Power the unit to be sure of its readiness for winter. During the test, listen for any unusual noises. Such noises may be due to loose bolts or blockage in the duct.

What Maintenance Items Should You Check During A Seasonal Start-up HVAC?

Seasonal startup HVAC maintenance guarantees your comfort all year round. This process improves energy use by 20% and saves you money.

While it is crucial to follow all of the suggestions above, the following items are worth repeating for emphasis:

  1. Engage a professional HVAC service company for thorough seasonal startup inspection.
  2. Clear the supply return vents.
  3. Inspect and clean the condensate drain.
  4. Change the air filters.
  5. Have moving parts lubricated.
  6. Adjust and clean blowers.
  7. Inspect the thermostat.
  8. Test system controls.

How Do I Get My HVAC Ready for Winter?

It bears repeating the need for regular HVAC maintenance for the longevity of your equipment. If you are in doubt about where to begin your HVAC preparations for winter, follow the outline below.

  1. Schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment in the fall.
  2. Resist the temptation to turn on your system before inspection and servicing.
  3. Climate zone your home for proper heating.
  4. Test-run your furnace at least three times before winter.
  5. Ensure clean and functional filters and vents.

Need Help Getting Your HVAC Ready for Fall?

Need Help Getting Your HVAC Ready for Fall?

Getting a reliable HVAC maintenance professional is the best preparation for the fall. An expert HVAC technician saves you valuable time and money and ensures comfort in the cold seasons.

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