Most Common HVAC Problems


Your HVAC system can last longer than you can imagine if you maintain it regularly. However, as it heats and cools your home, the equipment gradually becomes less reliable due to wear and tear. If you are concerned about the likely problems it might develop, this article shows you a few challenges to expect and how to reduce the impact.

As with everything, HVAC systems are not without problems. However, the cheering news is that these problems are not insurmountable if you work with an expert HVAC technician.

While no one HVAC problem is more important than the other, you often come across the following common HVAC issues.

1. Lack of Cooling

Lack of cooling may arise due to the leakage of or insufficient refrigerant. The refrigerant helps remove heat and produce cool air. Also, when the evaporator coil is frozen, it could inhibit the system’s ability to cool.

Once the real cause is detected, a solution is required. Your HVAC technician may refill the Freon, fix the leak, and top up the refrigerant. In case it’s frozen, defrosting the coil solves the problem.

2. Frequent Breakdown

Outright lack of maintenance of your unit might cause an unexpected breakdown. The solution is a regular inspection and upkeep for efficient performance.

While yearly maintenance is best, you should work with a professional HVAC company to create a preventive care plan for optimum performance.

3. Frozen Components

During the harshest winter, the water inside the evaporator coils might freeze due to extremely low temperatures.

If you suspect a frozen problem, call your HVAC technician immediately. When the water in the pipe freezes, it expands and can cause the line to rupture. The technician will take necessary precautions while defrosting the pipes to prevent bursting.

4. Loss of Efficiency

When there is an increase in your monthly energy bill, it could result from a loss of HVAC efficiency. Your HVAC consumes more energy when it has to work twice as hard to cool or heat your home. You save on energy bills by asking your HVAC company to check the possible cause of low efficiency and fix it.

Most common HVAC problems - uneven cooling

5. Uneven Room Temperatures

A common problem is when your rooms are unevenly cooled or heated. This situation could be due to differences in the size of the rooms or insulation. Or, it could be due to a technical problem that needs a professional to inspect and fix.

Call your HVAC technician to diagnose the problem and recommend a fix.

6. Reduced Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality is important for the overall health of those in your home. One known culprit of reduced indoor air quality is the filter.

Though there could be other causes, a professional HVAC technician needs to inspect and detect the real reason.

Whether the system needs a filter change or dehumidification, your HVAC expert will know how to improve your indoor air quality.

7. Broken Thermostat

If there is anything likely to break, it is the thermostat due to frequent handling.

The device is needed to control your HVAC. But often, it may become damaged and need a fix or replacement. Sometimes it could be as simple as a dead battery!

8. Mechanical Wear and Tear

First and foremost, an HVAC is mechanical equipment with moving parts susceptible to wear and tear. Components like belts, bearings, blades, and pumps break down due to frequent use.

One way to avoid mechanical wear and tear is with regular maintenance. You need to work with a competent HVAC company to create a scheduled or preventive maintenance plan.

With regular maintenance, you can identify, replace, or service any worn parts before they break down.

9. Weird Noises from Your Furnace

Due to wear and tear, the affected components might become slack and start making annoying noises.

Any faulty components (dirty filter, bearing with dry grease, loose nuts, bolts, or blades) could cause annoying noise!

Regular maintenance helps with the early detection of the problem and a quick fix to prevent your furnace from making those weird noises.

10. DIY HVAC Fixes Don’t Work

It is natural to want to fix an HVAC problem yourself if you are DIY inclined. However, not every problem can be solved with a DIY fix!

Issues like a clogged filter, thermostat settings, or removing clutter from the vent to improve indoor air quality may not be what you think!

If you have tried a fix without any change in the situation, it is best to call a competent HVAC technician.

Tips to Prevent HVAC Problems

Keeping your HVAC safe from common problems helps keep your money in your wallet.

When your AC works efficiently, you save money and enjoy optimum comfort. These tips help prevent common HVAC problems if you observe them.

  • Keep Your Outdoor HVAC Unit Free of Debris

It helps if your outdoor unit surroundings are clean. Trim overgrown bushes and tree branches and keep the refuse away. When your outdoor unit is free of trash, it works more efficiently.

  • Remove any Clutter around Your HVAC Indoor Unit

Keeping your indoor unit free of blockage allows fresh air flow and improves indoor air quality. You won’t have to worry about uneven air distribution and getting your filter getting dirty quickly.

  • Regularly Perform a Visual Inspection

You don’t need your HVAC technician to spot-check your outdoor and indoor units. When you do this often, you can notice any clutter in the way of your equipment and remove it before it creates a problem.

  • Work with Expert HVAC Technician for Preventive Maintenance

We recommend you find a competent HVAC company in your neighborhood and work with them to create a preventive maintenance plan for you.

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